Nothing says 'I love you!' more than Forever Fleurs roses

Flowers that last

It's easy to see why Forever Fleurs roses are loved by all and is Australia's luxury go to florist for all occasions.

 Do you love fresh real roses? Do you wish they would last more then a few weeks without so much maintenance?

We're not taking about the fake, faux, artificial, silk kind. We're talking about REAL flowers. Let us introduce you to the world of long lasting REAL flowers that last an entire year or more without any need for water or maintenance! Yes, they do exist

Our roses have been sourced from the most finest ethically grown farms from around the world. Each real rose has been carefully chosen and hand picked at their peak bloom to ensure freshness and longevity, followed by a gentle preservation process that allows them to remain as beautiful just as they day they were plucked from the farm for an entire year. What makes them even more attractive is there is no need for any water or maintenance to keep them looking fresh and perfect.

Every everlasting flower arrangement has been carefully arranged by hand by one of our talented fleurs to help brighten a space in your home, office and especially as a gift for someone special.  Paired with impeccable luxurious rose gold packaging details, it is truly the most exquisite magical gifting experience you could surprise a loved one with. We are all about creating and celebrating memories and magical moments of joy, laughter and love.

Let us take care of all the finer details.



A gift from Forever Fleurs to you and your loved ones.
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xoxo Forever Fleurs

Our Mission
We want to celebrate and spread love in bigger ways by filling every single person with the feeling of love, happiness and gratitude with our Forever Fleurs roses. We believe that flowers have a magical power of expressing such deep feelings of emotion, connection and healing without saying a single word.
We love to give back and bank every purchase into our 'Love Bank' and donate to charities such as pawspettherapy and beyondblue that help many in need to unconditional love and happiness.
So join us in spreading the love with Forever Fleurs roses and help us grow our love bank!